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Mosaic Glass Blocks Solutions Adhesive and Grout

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Flex Mosaic/Glass Blocks Adhesive and Grout

Flex Mosaic/Glass Blocks Adhesive & Grout comes in a white cement based adhesive ideal for fixing and grouting of glass blocks, porcelain, marble and ceramic mosaics.

Quickset Mosaic Fix is produced from selected raw material for consistence. It is suitable for use on surfaces like cement based plaster screeds and concrete, primed fiber cement surfaces, primed gypsum walls, primed timber surfaces and existing ceramic tiles.

It is suitable for use in showers and in water containing structures like swimming pools.


Class: CG2
Type: Powder
Powder Bulk Density: 1.3Kg/Litre
Colour: White
Packaging: 5kg bags
Bed Thickness: 3-5mm
Coverage: 3mm bed thickness you will require 4.5kg of material per m2
Set Time: 6 hours dependent upon temperature and substrate
Storage: This product must be stored in unopened bags, clear of the ground in cool dry conditions.
Shelf Life: 9 months in the above conditions. High temperatures and high humidity will lead to a reduced shelf life.


Only apply sufficient adhesive to an area as it can be tilled within 10 minutes.
Use suitable notched trowel to maintain minimum bed height of 6-7mm for floor tilling and 3-4mm for wall tilling.

Use the same product to grout.
Excess grout must be removed from joints and cleaned off the area with grout trowel as work progresses and not left to get hard.

Allow 24hours before polishing the tiles with a soft dry cloth


  • Empty contents into suitable container and slowly add1.3littre of cold clean water (5kg to 1.3litres of water).
  • Mix to a creamy consistency.
  • Do not add more water
  • Use within 2 hours.


It is non-hazardous material, but take care to avoid dust inhalation and eye contact

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