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Quickset Light Grey Grout

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Quickset Light Grey Grout

Quickset water proof grout is specially formulated cement based solution designed to point tile joint up to width of 3mm on walls and floor. It has very high resistance to shrinkage and has been modified for use in areas that are permanently wet.

Quickset grout has fine sand added to it. This prevents the grout from shrinking as it cures.

Quickset grout is suitable for use on ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles and polished stone such as granite, marble, limestone, and travertine.

1. Empty contents into suitable container and slowly add 1-3 liters of cold clean water (5kg to 1.3 liters of water)
2. Mix to a creamy consistency
3. Do not add more water
4. Use within 2hours.

It is a non –hazardous material, but take care to avoid inhalation and eye contact.

• The joints must be free from excess adhesive and loose materials.
• For best results, the joint should be grouted moisturized just prior to grouting (not wet though).

1. Apply Quickset tile grout liberally to the surface and work into the joints with a trowel in areas of 1sqm at a time, ensuring that the joints are completely filled
2. Excess grout must be removed from the joint and cleaned off the area with grout trowel as work progresses and not left to get hard.
3. Allow the grout to set for 2 hours before cleaning with a damp, not a wet sponge.
4. The joint can be pointed with either a damp sponge or pointing tool in order to get the best results. Pointing gives the grout more dense surface finish and is therefore less, prone to getting dirty.
5. Allow 24 hours before polishing the tiles with a soft dry cloth.

NOTE: A wet cloth will remove the thin film of grout from the tile

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